• Lacerated finger
  • Lacerated my head.
  • Smashed my finger (hammer blow).
  • Fattened my lip (pull on nail from above, bring hammer straight into mouth).
  • Put a staple into the palm of my hand (well the stapler is backwards).
  • Bashed knuckles.
  • Stepped on a tack barefoot (drunk-moving a mattress).
  • Bashed wrists. (at one point I was in the crawl space and stumbled. If you fall while walking on A-frame supports in a crawl space you’ll land on the homeowner’s drywall ceiling and probably punch through it. All I had available was one wrist to put down while arcing down towards the joists, smashed that up pretty good. Did not fall through.)
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    One Response to “Injuries”

    1. Cece Bagrow Says:

      Hey Owen – Do you remember me? I think of you and Malcolm often. I was Craig Hefner’s girlfriend (Burns Park) in the early 70’s. You were the sweetest kid, and now I understand you are a genome phenom. Anyway, if you do, write to me some time.

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