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Five quad boxes

December 19, 2009

and a partridge in a what ever. Since I could operate around the poured concrete while its curing, I did the rough wiring and conduit to put five of these things around the shop.


Moved the heater

November 21, 2009

…and it works quite nicely. Note it now points away from the thermostat.

WTF was i thinking?

November 14, 2009

At first I was pleased. The subpanel was fully operational and the first thing I hooked up was the heater. It was working nicely and then it prematurely shut off – the heater was working but the room didnt get warm.

“Why?” one might ask oneself – hm. Let me think…. could it be that the freaking heater was pointing directly at the frickin thermostat!?

sheesh. I have many strengths, thermodynamic equilibrium is not one of them.

Completed subpanel

November 10, 2009

Got the new breaker, installed into old panel. Werent much to look at I know. To install I followed the directions from this and the NEC coloring book. Powered up the new panel, nothing caught fire, took some measurements and powered it off. Can begin major wiring in shop now – I started with hooking up thermostat and heater.

Conduit lines

November 2, 2009

Need to provision for:

  • Main panel to subpanel
  • Subpanel to thermostat, thermostat to heater
  • Bank of lines from subpanel to appliance control center
  • Eventual line from subpanel to secondary AC
  • Appliance control to chiller in basement
  • Appliance control to appliances on laser wall shelves
  • Speed control for ventilation
  • Speed control for ceiling fan
  • Subpanel to quad boxes with 20A 120v outlets for:
    • Power supplies, laptop, computer etc near laser
    • Nest area
    • Storage room
    • Big screen tv
    • …the rest of the studio
    • laser_wall3
      That is a lotta pipe. Dont criss-cross any of the conduit, make sure there is clearance around the sewage vent pipe and keep the water lines below all electrical lines.

      Whoa man: what if you have to add customized lighting for particular areas?

    Removed legacy wiring

    October 30, 2009

    Whack another item off the task list. The upstairs front room of my row house once was a beauty salon. There were stations set up with 20 amp plugs. I removed this and consolidated a couple of circuits which allowed me to remove a few breakers. There was also a lot of landline phone lines and I tugged a lotta that crap out.

    GOD! My main panel is really gross. Its mounted on particle board, and the wall is wet to the touch. Hoo boy. Another interesting item, I encountered some of the old style wiring that uses fabric covered wiring a wooden raceways. [pic]. The existing wiring going to the furnace still has fabric on it too. A scary hallows eve indeed.

    Starting to think about wiring

    October 26, 2009


    I had some time at the airport and I worked up an initial plot of breakers, switches, plugs and appliances. I realized that what would make far more sense is to put a subpanel in the studio. I assume if I have a licensed electrician install this, getting this done will require removing some breakers out of the main box, because the total number of circuit breakers will exceed 200 amps.

    Some lighting

    October 7, 2009
    pic of lighting

    pic of lighting

    Tonight i put in lighting. Only popped the circuit breaker once during install. Should be help keep the room warm – each light is 150w.

    Ordered from these guys (or search on “Nuvo 76-660 Pendant”).