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Block diagram

May 15, 2010

I made this to describe the overall system.


picture says it all

May 12, 2010

Well it aint much to look at

May 8, 2010

….but this component pretty much completes the laser cutting system. Its the motor speed control for the ventilation. I can now draw off all the fumes and oxygen generated when the laser is cutting.

Basically, the system is now fully functional.


April 25, 2010

This thing is pretty much ready to run. I’ve installed two tubes for drawing away fumes. One is attached to a plexiglas hood that sits around the cutting head, the other runs below the table. The blast gate on the lower tube helps regulate the draw in comparison to the top hood. Both tubes combine in the wall behind the back of the table, and the larger 12 inch tube runs up to the ventilation fan. The fan is wired up but what remains is to get a motor speed control, and put a hole through the roof with a roof cap.

Another pic of the table.

Other operations to the computer operating system

March 7, 2010
  • tarballed up my old home directory before pulling hard drive
  • ftp-ed tarball to my laptop
  • installed Ubuntu 8.04
  • installed vsftp to allow file transfers on to the computer
  • Configured an alias to my laptop
    • System > Administration > Network > Network settings, click on the HOSTS tab and add an new alias
  • installed and configured Synergy
  • moved old /home directory to new computer using ftp
  • tried using my webcam – did it work? No.
  • gave up, got on the train for a business trip and reviewed the EMC documentation on upgrading to ver 2.3.
  • Queue Rocky theme song

    February 13, 2010