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Nother laceration

November 21, 2009

…bumped it up a notch and put the abrasive wheel deeper into my finger.


Lacerated finger

November 6, 2009


I was a-cutting four inch cast iron pipe with my makita angle grinder, a lovely well meaning instrument of abrasion, when it zipped into me finger. One of the things I always enjoy is when an abrasive object leaves a deep, dirt-impregnated streak in my digit. I’m pleased it did not nick any bone.

What I did saturday

October 25, 2009

Yesterday — I didnt work in my shop, I helped Imani finish her glass studio. This involved:

  • wake up at six-thirty
  • load vehicle with tools and building materials
  • drive an hour
  • load ventilation and duct work into crawl space
  • load supporting platform to be able to operate in crawl space
  • get more lumber
  • strengthen A-frame supports and create space to fit ventilation
  • at one point I was in the crawl space and stumbled. If you fall while walking on A-frame supports in a crawl space you’ll land on the homeowner’s drywall ceiling and probably punch through it. All I had available was one wrist to put down while arcing down towards the joists, smashed that up pretty good. Did not fall through
  • chop hole in ceiling for two fume hoods
  • assemble duct work in crawl space
  • chop hole in side of house for exit vent
  • connect ventilation (pre-wired by a bonifide electrician, nice)
  • make custom duct work connections
  • tape, screw, pop rivet
  • place 4, 36×36 inch, one inch thick stone slabs on work table
  • connect all hoses, oxygen/propane tanks for two glass torches
  • connect control box for kiln
  • head back at 10 pm, drive an hour
  • unload all tools/equipment out of car
  • find parking spot in canton
  • guess I breathed in a lot of insulation throat feels like razor blades.
  • Then I hung out in the shop for a bit to look into why the frickin’ roof is leaking. But Imani’s studio is pretty much ready to get started and I’m quite glad to have helped. May she make many many beautiful glass pieces.

    Lacerated my head

    October 9, 2009


    So clever. Had a large pair of plyers on the top of ladder, then moved the ladder. Smacked my head, bled all over the place. Looks like 1/2 inch cut. I am going to replace the lost blood with vodka tonight.