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Completed the workbench

June 27, 2010

Came out very nice. Has a angle iron edge. I used a Makita PW5001C wet stone polisher on the top surface – it came out beautiful.


Announcing my new web site

June 17, 2010


Please have a look a look at: I am will be announcing my site to the blogsphere soon and would welcome feedback from anyone and everyone.


Ready for the big pour

May 29, 2010

I built a platform to support the cement mixer and bought 25 bags on concrete.

The table is loaded with rebar and has angle iron on the edge….

…and laid in a space so MDF board can be mounted to the bench. Note the floating 2×4 in the back, that will be a depression in the concrete to holds pencils, etc.

Building form for concrete workbench

May 24, 2010

This is the makings of a concrete workbench. I made a recent addition to the wall behind the frame which are two 4×8 foot 16gauge steel sheets. The form is A LOT of 2x4s and plywood – this was built with an excess of wood to support the unbelievable amount of concrete that is going into the bench top. The bench will be 5 and half inches thick. A lot of rebar will be going into it so I can really pound on the thing.

Block diagram

May 15, 2010

I made this to describe the overall system.

picture says it all

May 12, 2010


April 25, 2010

This thing is pretty much ready to run. I’ve installed two tubes for drawing away fumes. One is attached to a plexiglas hood that sits around the cutting head, the other runs below the table. The blast gate on the lower tube helps regulate the draw in comparison to the top hood. Both tubes combine in the wall behind the back of the table, and the larger 12 inch tube runs up to the ventilation fan. The fan is wired up but what remains is to get a motor speed control, and put a hole through the roof with a roof cap.

Another pic of the table.

More electrical

April 12, 2010

…installed 7 more quad boxes, 6 in the grinder/storage room.

Things to do

April 9, 2010

Today is a big day – and one that involves sitting around. The city inspector is supposed to show up and review all the electrical work. Since I have extra time (waiting for the inspector) and will soon have a major green light here’s a list of things I can do once the inspection is out of the way:


  • Install additional quad boxes in work area
  • Install additional quad boxes in storage/grinder room
  • Put the LCD screen on its own circuit (run the tv and welder, and bap! Circuit blows)
  • Install a retractable power cord
  • Install ceiling fan.
  • Mechanical:

  • Anchor drill press, grinders to concrete floor
  • Complete welding table (okay I could have done that anyway)
  • Build concrete work table
  • Make better use of the area underneath the subpanel
  • Install dust collector
  • Ventilation:

  • Install roofcap
  • Mount blower
  • Wire motor, with motor speed control
  • Run ventilation pipe
  • Build a noise suppression box around blower
  • Shoot neighbor who will probably complain about the noise anyway
  • Connect ventilation with welding table or install separate system
  • Water temp meter

    April 4, 2010

    Home depot sells an inexpensive indoor/outdoor thermometer which I hacked a little bit to monitor the temperature of the water coming into the laser. I spliced in a brass tube on the line coming in to the laser and used heat shrink tubing to mount the thermometer’s sensor to the tube [link]. The thermometer mounts to the laser frame/support using a laser cut bracket that also has a magnet.