Things to do

Today is a big day – and one that involves sitting around. The city inspector is supposed to show up and review all the electrical work. Since I have extra time (waiting for the inspector) and will soon have a major green light here’s a list of things I can do once the inspection is out of the way:


  • Install additional quad boxes in work area
  • Install additional quad boxes in storage/grinder room
  • Put the LCD screen on its own circuit (run the tv and welder, and bap! Circuit blows)
  • Install a retractable power cord
  • Install ceiling fan.
  • Mechanical:

  • Anchor drill press, grinders to concrete floor
  • Complete welding table (okay I could have done that anyway)
  • Build concrete work table
  • Make better use of the area underneath the subpanel
  • Install dust collector
  • Ventilation:

  • Install roofcap
  • Mount blower
  • Wire motor, with motor speed control
  • Run ventilation pipe
  • Build a noise suppression box around blower
  • Shoot neighbor who will probably complain about the noise anyway
  • Connect ventilation with welding table or install separate system
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