Installing a new version of Ubuntu

I was interested in upgrading my the version of my computer operating system because the one on computer was about 4 years old. One reason i wanted to upgrade would be to allow me to connect up a webcam and stream video to the next. I bought another hard drive to try to load the latest version of Ubuntu – the user friendly linux operating system. Using a new hard drive allows me to hold on to the still precious old operating system while upgrading to a new one.

I bought a 500 gig harddrive….installed a copy of Ubuntu. This was done using a live-CD created by the good people at Linux CNC who ship a version of Ubuntu 8.04 with a completed install of their motion control software called EMC2.

The first problem was GRUB reporting “GRUB error 18” at start up. I think its a partitioning problem.

To fix I had to partition a small area that the bios was able to find and then launch grub, the “grand unified bootloader”. When it works, grub is grand indeed but not today.

After looking around on the net it seemed like I had to do a manual partition off of the live-CD, I created sda1, ext2 with 32 MB, and sda2, ext3 100MB, and some swap space. The partition program lets you set the properties of each partition and I set sda2 to be mounted to “/”. At page 8 of the install screen you hit an advanced button and set the boot area to hd0.

I _think_ that was all that was needed to get it to work, but I also ran:

sudo grub

grub> find /boot/grub/stage1
grub> root (hd0, 1)
grub> setup (hd0)
grub> exit

then I checked everything in the /boot/grub/menu.lst

to see if it seemed alright based on this documentation.

it seemed okay and I rebooted and bang, it was good to go.

Next step – see if I can move my old EMC2 environment to the new version of Ubuntu.


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