Quote to Haas LTI

Sending this out to Haas LTI

Dear Haas LTI,

I have a Coherent G100 that I use with oxygen assist to cut sheet metal. I use an early model of one of your cutting heads.

There are three items that I would like you to address.:

One – the retention springs on my current cutting head are not able to manage the 40 PSI oxygen that is supplied to the head without it expanding. When I looked at your site I noticed that the latest generation cutting head has some sort of retention clip that is attached to the micrometer and prevents the sliding ortion of the head from expanding. I was wondering if it would be possible to retrofit the new micrometer portion of you latest generation system to my cutting head. I include a picture that shows the new cutting head in contrast to my system. If its possible to retrofit my old cutting head, please supply me with a quote.

Two – my current system has a focal length of 1.5 inches and I would like to convert to 4 inches. If its possible to perform the retrofit, could you please supply me with a quote to convert the cutting head to 4 inch focal length.

Three – if I cant do the retrofit please supply me with a quote for a cutting head with micrometer adjustment and four inch focal length.

thanks much,



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