This post coming from the laser controller

I have had quite a bit of time to work in the shop thanks to snowmageddon. I did a lot of general cleaning and built shelves. Then I went into the storage unit and pulled out the cnc table hardware and set that up.

Now I’m resurecting the linux box that operates the EMC2 software. This is rather challenging because I havent been on this thing since 2008 but my old knowledge is returning. Re-educating myself about the electronics is also going to be a challenge.

All is well.

A view outside the laser studio door.


3 Responses to “This post coming from the laser controller”

  1. joyce brown Says:

    Cat’s meow, that’s what you and Lyra are

  2. keithmckenney Says:

    Does this wizard make house calls when he is not having fun ‘stranded’ at home?

    Looks like too much fun.

    Love the cost of nuts and bolts.

    Good therapy too.

    How about a pair of leather gloves for the artist’s hands when the power tools are on?

  3. Sushant goel Says:

    Im interested in the development DAQ for spectral measurments….in different wavelength range…any suggestions

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