I am pleased to report that I have met with a certified electrical contractor who said that ALL of my wiring was installed according to code.

The electrician showed up, he was very friendly, he looked everything over and said there were no problems. There was one minor that will require putting in a lower amperage circuit breaker in one spot. He said my computer controller which is mounted directly on the side of the subpanel with this ridiculously large conduit was all totally fine. He said the inspector may not really know what it is, but he wouldnt flag it either. (I’m still waiting to figure out how that’s gonna work).

I also went over all the framing, he said it was fine. Then we sat around and gabbed about the absurd price of houses in Canton.

The next step will be for him to put in permits for the framing and wiring and then we’ll call in the city inspector. This is suUUUuuuch a relief! Best of all my wiring will be totally legit now.


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