A list to regroup on various tasks that I have to complete:

1) Laser

  • Run ductwork from laser to ventilation motor
  • Install roof cap connect to ventilation
  • Finish wiring ventilation
  • Fix cut quality enhancer – the optics got fried – $$
  • Convert cutting head to 5 inch focal length – $$
  • Install laser head, optics
  • Install power supply, run lines through wall
  • 2) Laser appliances

  • Install chiller lines
  • Run conduit to chiller
  • Install gas tank holder
  • Gas lines to solenoids
  • 3) Connect to laser head
    • Optics
    • Water lines
    • Ventilation
    • Power supply
    • Gas lines
    • Install ventilation hood.

    4) Computer control

  • Hang shelving for controller equipment, set up
    • Computer
    • Laser controller
    • Motor power supply
    • I/O boards
    • Relay box

    5) CNC table

  • Create levelers at base of table
  • Install:
    • motors
    • limit switches
    • sheet metal support
    • ventilation below sheet metal support

    6) Finish assembly for computer control, laser head, cnc table

    7) Tweak software to run complete systems


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