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Started on ventilation

December 31, 2009

Spent most of the day working on the air sucker. This has been a tricky proposition. The ventilation motor is a big old squirrel cage thing. Its loud and just the simple movement of air adds a lot of noise to the room. I would love to mount the ventilation motor up on the roof, outside of the room but that creates other problems like making a watertight enclosure. It could also create a disturbance to the neighbors.

I’m gonna put the thing indoors. I started on the carpentry and metal work to mate the fan to framing on the ceiling, with the eventual goal of putting a hole in the roof with a roof cap. I’m also going to create a soundproof enclosure. I read that pink insulation has good noise absorption.


Installing laser support work

December 29, 2009

Bunch of angle iron installed. Also note the huge conduit running from subpanel to appliance control center.

Dear extended family

December 21, 2009

During this holiday season, may you experience….

…few disruptions….

…peace and contemplation…

…healthy exercize….

…followed by nourishing sleep.

May you also dance…

…and relax.

May your enduring good looks…

…lead to much flirtation.

But most of all, be good family.

Finished up concrete

December 20, 2009

its all done. The angle iron edges came out nice.

Five quad boxes

December 19, 2009

and a partridge in a what ever. Since I could operate around the poured concrete while its curing, I did the rough wiring and conduit to put five of these things around the shop.

poured concrete

December 19, 2009

….800lbs into the form.. Pouring sucked. Just a lot of work. One thing that was nice is I also rented a concrete vibrator. Those things are amazing. Concrete is at best kind of a clumpy mud, but when you hit it with the vibrator it literally turns to liquid. It was flowing between 1/8th inch gaps in the form. I’m sure this pour will have much less air pockets in exposed areas.

Started on laser area concrete pad

December 13, 2009

The area where the laser will go is non-flat and is composed of a concrete pad and brick. I dug out lots of brick, created a form, and welded lots of rebar into place. I put in angle iron to serve as the top edge of the block. Will pour concrete later in the week.

Completed bulkhead doors

December 12, 2009

The bulkhead used to be a wooden thing that looked like this. What I needed was something that’s closer to the floor that can be opened when needed but also be able to spread out on to the doors to create extra work space. What I made are constructed out of angle iron and 16 ga sheet metal. They lay nice and flat when closed. I used weld on hinges from King Architectural Steel in Baltimore. The handles also lay nice and flat. I’ll put a patina on it on it at some point.

Dude, your shop vac is on fire

December 6, 2009

I was minding my own business trying to finish the bulkhead doors which involves welding grinding welding grinding welding grinding welding grinding welding grinding welding grinding welding grinding welding grinding welding grinding welding grinding and I guess at some point the welder shot some sparks at my shop vac.

Which promptly caught fire.

naturally I thought would be important to get a picture before I put it out. it was really burning while I held it in front brotherzilla. Through the use of spectral augmentation the flames are a lot more visible in this pic.