Progress on bulkhead doors

The old bulkhead door was an ugly thing. So I…

  • ripped the rotting timbers out
  • built a form
  • welded in a pile of rebar
  • and poured about 500lbs of concrete.

Mixing the concrete was fun. I rented a mixer from deep homie. You toss like 2 gallons in the mixer, drop in a 80lb bag of sakrete (mortor/stucco mix), let that mix, and then add another bag. That gets very dry, and then you hit the mix with water until its ready, then pour. One thing I couldnt find anywhere on line was how you have to handle making multiple batches of concrete in the mixer — the thing i was wondering was if the leftovers of batch number one would cure while you were doing batch number two. Turns out its no problem — you can keep working through one batch after another as long as you never let one batch sit around too long.


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