Finished the windows…

window frame

…they are all “triple” pane if you count the original single pane windows, and the two sets of single pane windows that were installed. The picture does not really show the extra panes I put in – there’s some cove molding that’s holding each new pane. The windows are nice, they let a lot of light into the shop. I also completely preserved the look of the garage from the outside, consistent with my plan for the building to look like no improvement has happened.

Handling the glass sucked for the most part. Tricks to remember are:

  • be light on the glass cutter. If you hear little chunks of glass breaking under the wheel you’re pushing too hard
  • once you score the glass, put a rod under the glass and use a board or some other something to press the whole plate down at once. This is helpful for longer pieces of glass.
  • if you’re making multiple panes, you really want them to be clean, dont leave mummified hand prints in between the layers of glass. So clean the panes really well and then put on gloves when you’re moving the pane into place.
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    One Response to “Finished the windows…”

    1. malcolm Says:

      Also get yourself a really good glass cutter, not the cheap hardware store type, but a professional model. This will have a reservoir for oil in the handle. They run about 20-45 bucks, but they make they last until you lose ’em, and work great.

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