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Hello Oren,

Thanks for your email.

1) Concerning software you best contact They have done similar packages for stereolithography. Attached you find an RTCR5 manual in case you should be interested in writing your own.

2) Concerning a suitable scan head, it depends a little on the field size you want to process. Very roughly a hurrySCAN 20 with RTC5 will cost slightly more than 10,000 USD. High-speed versions with SiC mirrors or Beryllium (reduced scan angle) are more expensive.

3) I think EOS still sells the powder but I am not sure about the machine — at least it has been taken from their homepage.

Can you please also send us your phone number? Some things are easier to discuss on the phone.

Best regards,


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Sent: Wednesday, September 23, 2009 3:51 PM
To: Andreas Engelmayer
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Thank you very much for following up. What I’m am developing is basically an alternative system to the M270. I have been working with a job shop to make parts for a while and I am considering if it would be possible to make a custom system. The point your friend made about the power of the laser is consistent with some publications in materials science journals that describe the process of DMLS. They also say that CO2 lasers only work with metal mixes containing copper.

As I mentioned this will probably occur in two stages. I have a CO2 laser now and have developed CNC machines before. If I could perform DMLS with with a relatively simple prototype using copper-based powders, then I may go to a more advanced system with a higher power laser.

For software. No, I haven’t thought about it too much. In my other CNC systems I’ve used EMC2, an linux based software package. Its very flexible. I’ve assumed that I’d have to have custom software that converts .stl files to layered 2d scans. The EMC2 would probably coordinate between the scans running on a the commercial scanning software, and control the other DMLS steps to make a part.

Right now, in addition to just seeing how large the budget will be for this project, the biggest issue is obtaining the DMLS powder. If EOS is no longer selling the copper-based mix, the challenge will be to get that from somewhere else. I have contacted a couple of other researchers who have made DMLS powders in their laboratory.


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From: Andreas Engelmayer []
Sent: Wednesday, September 23, 2009 6:31 AM
To: White, Owen
Subject: RE: price quote for hurrySCAN

Hello Owen,

Thanks for your Email. I talked to a friend who works for a company called EOS GmbH which pioneered that technology.

He said that with a 250 W CO2 laser you won’t get enough power density to melt typical metals. A few years ago they used to sell a CO2 laser based system with similar parameters as you describe them (nowadays these setups are only used for organic plastic materials). With such a setup you can only sinter special metal mixes that have a high portion of copper lowering the melting point — i.e. you will get for example some iron particles in a copper matrix. These systems have been discontinued when high power fiber laser have become available that allow much smaller spots and therefore a higher power density. He recommended their M270 system (see

How large are the parts you want to produce? Have you thought about software? Of course we would be happy to sell you a scan head but I think it might be better to purchase an EOS system if you plan to operate it very often, or look for a job shop that uses their machines (I am sure EOS can put you in contact with some of their US customers).

Best regards,


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From: White, Owen []
Sent: Tuesday, September 22, 2009 6:08 PM
To: Andreas Engelmayer
Subject: RE: price quote for hurrySCAN

I am not sure if I need an objective, if you could give me some details that would be helpful. For my application the spot size will be around 200-400 micron.

In part I am trying to decide if I should build the device in two stages. In the first (and cheaper) stage I was planning on focusing the beam using static collimating optics to determine if I can actually sinter the metal. I was planning on using more complex optics after determining that it is possible to sinter metal.

In either case, right now I am just trying to develop a preliminary budget, please don’t worry about exact numbers, I just want to work out the general costs.

Thanks for any help,


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To: White, Owen
Subject: RE: price quote for hurrySCAN

Hello Owen,

Thanks for your email. How do you want to focus the laser beam? Do you need an objective? If speed is very important and if you should use an objective that clips the laser beam at a smaller scan angle (like telecentric objectives that are usually used to achieve a small spot size) than the hurrySCAN 20 offers, an intelliDRILL 20 scan head would also be interesting.

Best regards,



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I have been reading:

Could I get a price quote for the hurrySCAN 20, digital interface configured for CO2 laser?

The application will be for custom fabricated direct metal laser sintering system using a 250 watt CO2 laser.


Owen White, PhD
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  1. sanket Says:

    I want the exact price or say quotation of EOSINT M270 and EOSINT P
    395 and FORMIGA P 100. Please reply as soon as possible.

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